Crypto Onboarding – Five Key Considerations

Hoptrail has partnered with Raion Labs to empower businesses to onboard the next generation of crypto wealth across Asia.

Despite recent market challenges, more and more family offices and high net worth individuals in Asia are investing in digital assets.

The growing pool of digital asset-savvy investors is an attractive business opportunity for many in financial services: demand for wealth management services and diversification - be it into assets such as art, wine, or property - is on the increase.  But that opportunity brings with it challenges.

For many regulated services, digital assets are complex and fraught with risk.  Where AML checks are mandated by regulators, there is genuine concern that risks pertaining to digital assets are misinterpreted or missed altogether. The lack of clarity on the source of funds or potential financial crime risks is often perceived to be an insurmountable issue, shutting out a new generation of wealthy potential clients.

So, how should proper due diligence on digital asset investors work?  And what tools are required to appropriately assess cryptocurrency source of funds?  


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