Blockchain Intelligence & Crypto Analytics Solutions

Analyse between the blocks with Raion Labs - better intelligence solutions and services for investigations, law enforcement and compliance.


Become a certified blockchain investigation expert with our standard certified blockchain investigation trainings. Customised trainings are also available. Recommended for law enforcement, investigation and compliance officers.

Investigative Tools & Solutions

Conduct investigation and due diligence on digital assets and transactions with the most appropriate software tools and solutions. Fast and flexible application, proprietary data and methodology, and 24/7 monitoring and automation. Recommended for law enforcement agencies and financial institutions.

Intelligence Reports

Obtain detailed and customisable reports on digital assets and transactions for investigation and/or compliance purposes. Recommended for financial institutions, forensic consultants, digital asset managers, and investors.

Our Partners

Why choose us?

Asian Clients, Global Partners

The development and adoption of digital assets in the context of Asian financial markets are spurred by unique economic and political factors. The challenges faced by investigators and investors require contextual knowledge, locally and regionally. Raion Labs is based in Singapore and led by an experienced team of investigation and compliance professionals familiar with markets in Asia, therefore uniquely positioned to service the Asia markets.

Partnering with strong, established global and local players, Raion Labs offers a well-curated range of best-in-class solutions and services that are customisable and cost-effective to suit the specific needs of our clients. From certified investigation and compliance trainings to proprietary investigation tools and detailed intelligence reports, Raion Labs understand the varied needs of our clients and delivers the best and most appropriate solutions and services to our clients.